Created as a commercial art studio in 1987, Albrecht & Associates has evolved into a full-service industrial graphics resource agency for a variety of industries and business-to-business clients. We place a strong emphasis on technology as it relates to the communications arts. We constantly investigate new technologies to find applications which may provide our clients with an advantage in their field as well as providing ongoing support for their day to day marketing requirements.

Our client base has included some of the largest, most well-known companies in the world. Our diverse experience includes projects ranging from navy nuclear and air force defense contractors to international mobile phone manufacturers and every type of industrial account in between. Throughout the years our goals have remained the same; to provide prompt, courteous service and the very finest print and electronic media products to meet individualized marketing, advertising, publishing and training requirements. Our main advantage over competitor service providers lies in the fact that we continuously re-invest in cutting-edge technology, while maintaining low overhead costs.

This website has been designed to showcase examples of our work and to explain basic services to those who may be unfamiliar with our profession. Therefore, the site is heavy in imagery and examples and as a result, is best viewed through a wide bandwidth connection. Please take a few moments to view our site and learn more about our studio. If you wish to inquire about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Thank you again for your consideration!

Albrecht & Associates  P.O. Box 8158  Erie, PA 16505   814-833-2926